VR Training Principles Part 4 – Review

In the previous blog in our VR Training Principles series, we looked at how to explain your concepts to the students. In this blog we will show how to conclude a VR training session and how to cement the knowledge.  

Industrial Sorting Environment
Image courtesy of Immerse.io

When finishing a training session you have a valuable opportunity to reinforce the learning from that session.  You should plan to review the key points either in the session or in the real world. Reiterating the key points of learning from the session will allow students to cement their new knowledge.

VR adds some additional distinct opportunities.  As you are tracking the student’s movements, you could record and replay key parts of the training session so the student can review their own performance.  Students can watch their own actions with a flexibility that exceeds even CCTV. The ability to pause and discuss is also a valuable feature.

Adding metrics to the activity so you can report on the student’s proficiency allows you to compare different strategies or see the rewards of practice. You could choose to measure speed or accuracy for example.

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