Shortcuts Suite for Unity3D

This tool provides three Editor Windows to help you navigate around your Unity3D project.

Scene History – Use menu “Window\Gorillas\Scene History”. This window tracks the history of objects selected in the scene. You can direct click to re-select the game object or click focus to select the object and centre it in the scene view.

Prefab History – Use menu “Window\Gorillas\Prefab History”
This window tracks the prefabs from the most recently selected objects selected in the scene so you can jump the project window focus to the prefab without re-selecting the scene object.

Scene Bookmarks – Use menu “Window\Gorillas\Scene Bookmarks”
This window allows you to bookmark your most frequent game objects in any scene and re-select or re-select and centre them without having to find them in the Hierarchy window.

Easy Editing
When editing the property of a game object it is common to want to drag in a game object you have recently used. You can drag directly out of the Scene History window or the Scene bookmark window to the property field of the currently selected game object.