VR Training Principles Part 2 – Explanation

In the previous post in our VR Training Principles series we looked at the demonstration of the activity.  In this post we look at how to deliver a clear explanation of the process being taught. This explanation could be delivered outside of the VR environment but in VR you have the students attention and the ability to support the explanation with clear visual prompts.

Drag and Zoom your viewpoint in this interactive demo

Just as it would in a classroom, a great script and clear verbal delivery will allow the student to process a lot of information quickly while still being free to view supporting visual information.  When using VO or CG character speech you need to ensure that the student has the opportunity to skip backwards or forwards in the explanation in case they misunderstand a section or are repeating the training.

While text can be used in VR, the current screen resolution limits requires the fonts to be large for readability. Care needs to be taken with the font rendering because the user controls the position of the camera and so the viewing distance to the text.  Poor font rendering will be easily exposed. Signed distance field rendering will help keep the text sharp even when viewed up close.  You should avoid using large areas of text that require the student to move their head to read as this could be physically tiring.

The example project, pictured in the interactive scene above, was built with Unity3D using the Immerse.io platform which provides multi user and real time chat services.  In this example the activity is more UI based than in the example in the previous post. In the real world the control panel controls are labelled and those labels must be readable in the VR simulation.

In the next blog in this series, we will look at perhaps the most important elements of VR training, the practice.

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